ADHD: The Importance of Consistency and Structure

Everyone benefits from structure, especially children. The daily routines help provide consistency and expectations understood by your child which help maintain a predictable and safe environment. Children benefit from structure whether they have ADHD or not when the sense of security is fulfilled.

Many children with ADHD struggle to keep their focus on one task at a time. Many times a child with ADHD may struggle with impulsivity and the ability to regulate their emotions. This may make self control more challenging for a child with ADHD

In order to help them manage their symptoms, providing more external structure in their day helps aid them experience more success and build upon healthy skills that are routine and predictable.  

As simple as it seems, setting up a morning and nightly routine, an established place at home to complete homework, and setting consistent limits helps the child grow, be successful, and develop self-confidence that will follow them through adulthood. One should never underestimate the power of structure. 

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